Jerry Fiess

Expressive New Jersey-based bard and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Fiess creates soulful, folky tunes that celebrate the earthy roots of American music. His natural ability to uncover the hidden songs and emotions surging through the universe allows him to translate his own adventures into ear-catching melodies and wise lyrics about self-discovery, seeking love, finding direction and experiencing life. Using a delightfully unexpected mixture of guitar, piano, banjo, harmonica and his colorful voice, he paints a vibrant picture of what he feels inside.  

Fiess was instantly enchanted by music when, at six-years old, he began to take piano lessons from his grandmother, a church pianist. Although he was initially too small to reach the keyboard unassisted, he was mesmerized by each powerful note. As he fine-tuned his technical skills, his instinct for improvisation and unquenchable curiosity drove him to experiment and add guitar and harmonica to his repertoire. Sparked by his desire to share honest, heartfelt thoughts with others, Fiess began to explore the art of songwriting, and spontaneously, his authentic voice emerged as he hummed along with his instrumental creations.

Jerry has released 3 full length albums.  His newest album "That Feeling" was released in the fall of 2018.